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Sphera Funds Management ("Sphera") is an Israeli-based fund manager established in 2004.
Sphera and its affiliated entities are managing three separate hedge funds:
Sphera Fund - a long/short equity fund focused on Israeli and Israeli related equities.
Sphera Global Healthcare Fund - a long/short healthcare equity fund focused on the global pharma and biotech sectors.
Sphera Small Cap Fund - a long/short equity fund focused on small-cap Israeli equities.

Our main objective as funds managers is to generate long-term returns that consistently outperform the relevant benchmarks on a risk adjusted basis, as well as to preserve capital during market downturns.

Our investment strategy is predicated on fundamental and comprehensive research of companies, industries and macro trends.
Over the past decade we have accumulated a wealth of industry experience and developed rigorous and focused investment processes resulting in superior track record in all of our funds.

Sphera Fund

Sphera Fund invests primarily in a range of long/short equities of Israeli companies traded in Israel, US and European markets.


Sphera Global Healthcare Fund

Sphera Global Healthcare Management (Investment Manager) is a long/short equity fund that is focused on the global pharmaceutical and biotech industries.


Sphera Small Cap Fund

Sphera Small Cap Fund is focused on long/short equity investments in small and micro- cap stocks of Israeli companies.