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Sphera Global Healthcare Fund

Sphera Global Healthcare Management (Investment Manager) is a partnership between Mr. Mori Arkin, former vice chairman of Perrigo (Nasdaq ticker:PRGO, a world leader in generic and OTC drugs), and of Sphera Funds Management.


Long/short equity fund that is focused on the global pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The Investment Manager’s objective is to generate consistent and attractive long term returns exceeding the industry while maintaining disciplined risk management.

With a highly experienced and cohesive multidisciplinary team, the Fund’s competitive advantage is evident in 3 key areas:

(i) Having a rigorous, fundamental, focused and comprehensive approach to healthcare research.

(ii) Investment committee co- led by an industry veteran with a track record of building a pharmaceutical company.

(iii) Unique and unbiased investment approach generated in part from access to massive flow of R &D, innovation and top tier human capital in Israel.

Why Healthcare?

The opportunity is supported by three distinct developments that have occurred over the past few years: Elimination of patent cliffs - driven by the domination of biological drugs, is an industry game changer. Increased demand for drugs – driven by extension of life expectancy & increased consumption in emerging markets. Major R &D achievements - driven by breakthroughs in innovation.

Why Sphera Global Healthcare?

The Fund manager's location in Israel provides for a distinct and unique angle in assessing global opportunities in pharma and biotech – as Israel is a major untapped research hub for these industries


Over the years, Sphera has built a strong team of eight investment professional – tree PH.D's and two MD's. The team combines over 100 years of industry experience.


EuroHedge awards - 2011-2012
Bloomberg’s 2013 top 25 midsize hedge funds
Bloomberg’s top 10 best-performing long/short hedge fund (LTM through Feb 29, 2012)

The Team

Mori Arkin

Managing Partner

Mr. Arkin is a managing partner at Sphera Global Healthcare Fund. Mr. Arkin was the principal shareholder and Chairman of Agis Industries (1983) Ltd. and its affiliated companies ("Agis") until its merger in 2005 with Perrigo Company, a world leader in generic and OTC drugs. Mr. Arkin led Agis Industries since 1970 and until its merger with Perrigo in 2005, in an $850 million transaction. Mr. Arkin has served as Perrigo's Vice Chairman subsequent to the merger with Agis. Mr. Arkin is a highly influential industry leader and has decades of entrepreneurial and innovation experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Arkin combines deep scientific insight with proven global business skills. Mr. Arkin holds a B.A. in Psychology from Tel Aviv University.

Doron Breen

Managing Partner

Mr. Breen is a Co-Founder and managing partner of Sphera Funds Management. Prior to co-founding Sphera, Mr. Breen was with SF Group for six years in various positions. In the years 2000-2003, Mr. Breen managed the proprietary capital of SFG Group, along with Israel Mor, generating superior investment returns during that period. Mr. Breen was previously a managing director of SFG Leader International, the technology investment-banking arm of SFG. Under his management, SFG Leader International advised clients on a large number of transactions, including public offerings, private placements and mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Breen holds a B.A cum laude in Computer Sciences and an M.A. cum laude in Economics, both from Tel Aviv University.

Ori Hershkowitz

Managing Partner,
Head of Pharmaceutical Research

Ori Hershkowitz has been working as a pharmaceutical analyst for the past ten years. Mr. Hershkowitz has been tracking the global pharmaceutical industry with a special knowledge of the generic and specialty sub-sectors. He started his career with Batucha Investment House (then Israel's largest private investment house, now part of the Clal Group); Mr. Hershkowitz joined the SF Group in 2001 as part of the founding team of Leader Capital Markets, Ltd.