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Sphera Systematic Fund

The Fund’s objective is to generate positive returns using a systematic computerized trading system which applied rule-based techniques to confirm trading concepts over an extensive body of historical data. The Fund strategy is a diversified multi-strategy trading program which draws upon contributions of a number of different models. The strategy operates under the philosophy that markets are a dynamic complex system, which when measured by financial time series exhibit identifiable properties that lead to price inefficiencies. Trend, price momentum and mean reversion are a natural inherent components of the data itself and the trading program uses scientific quantitative research to construct systematic algorithmic trading models which extract a signals. The system uses completely automated, non-correlated equity trading models, with strong risk-adjusted return profiles, and utilizes the benefits of the systematic trading philosophy: taking decisions in a deterministic way, neglecting of human being emotional factors, reviewing of market opportunities all-at-once, adjusting portfolio to various market conditions and managing exposure based on a well-defined computerized methodology.